Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shoot with Junior AB

For those who are die-hard fans of the Bachchan clan will kill me for this.

We were shooting a commercial with Abhishek Bachchan today. Even after coordinating a lot on the marketing efforts building up to the action, I chose to give this event a royal skip.

So my tete-a-tete with Mr. Bachchan will have to wait for another day... the news off my chest now, i feel more at peace! LoL!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hurray!!!!! this is a first

The author of Dork personally thanking me for liking the book... a first hand experience. Glad that internet has made the world so small...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some news

Ok, guys... a lot of you have complained about my inertia and I plead guilty as charged. Haven't written a word for over a month and I guess there wasn't anything significant to contribute too. Sloth has taken over me for good. Truly enjoying the last few days of lazing around, staring blankly at the walls and ceiling, paying little heed to the rat race all around.

While it lasted, it was fun. The hot humid summer, the fan spewing out those dense, prickly gusts of air, curtains flapping in a slow gruelling motion, the odd bird chirping a woeful tale and your's truly lost in this void, vacant in a vacuum, mind asleep, floating in a world of nothingness.

After years of work and keeping up to the dictats of time, for a change it felt good to just let go, be not accountable to anything at all. To soak in the pleasure of doing nothing at all, to have the whole day to do whatever i like, to watch some good movies and read some nice books, to have those long spells of day dreaming with eyes wide open, to cook those occassional festive dish, to go shopping at 11 am on a weekday--- it felt really good to do it all.

However, before i truly lose my sanity and give myself away completely to inertia, it is time for me to get back to the real world. I am soon going to join a start up to head their marketing efforts. After years of limiting myself to the digital world, it will be a good break to dabble with all the different media and advertising platforms. Also, since the company is in the entertainment vertical, it promises to be an exciting role. The location of the office is magnificient, snugly located in a sea-facing part of versova, and while the commute is going to be troublesome, the hours at office is expected to be pleasent. To top it all, there is a Birdys at close quarters, and i promise to take full advantage of it (those gooey chocolate treats....boy, am i salivating already).

I am visiting my in laws at kolkata this week. It is supposed to be very hot and sultry in the city of joy at this time of the year. We plan to go to Raichak and a few weekend getaways. The husband really loves to travel and hopefully this trip will shape up well. Also, will visit the brother in bangalore. It is going to be a full family reunion, with the parents also being there. The brother, who being younger to me, is still a kid in my eyes, seems to have grown up. He has purchased a house and a car on his own and I am looking forward to seeing them.

In the midst of all this planning and traveling, have read some interesting books-- The Gamechangers, Next and Pirate Latitudes by michael crichton, and Dork by sidin vadukut. All of them are good one time reads. Also, watched Original Sin yesterday. If i hadn't watched the biograph of Angelina Jolie on Discovery, I might have fallen in love with her (well, in a strictly platonic sense...i am straight after all). I find this lady quite enchanting and her performance mysterious and fresh.

Well, that is it, i guess for today. Deblina, this piece was specially for you as you had so sincerely requested me to engage in this activity again.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hooyah Sir!

Hooyah Sir....well, you must be wondering if i have suddenly lost my mind and started rambling. On the contrary, i am on a high.
I have watched a fantastic movie called G.I Jane right now and am hughely inspired by the character portrayed by the wonderful Demi Moore. Strong and resilient, determined and inspirational, the character goes on to show how a spirited individual can break all boundaries.
In a male dominated navy seal training environment, where physical endurance is the most important criteria, she goes on to conquer mindsets, hearts and enemies-- all on the basis of pure performance. The character says..'i dont want any preferential treatment, just treat me as you treat any other man in this program.' She refuses any soft beds or buffers and wants to meet men on an equal terrain, where only performance would determine winners. (Women's reservation whistle blowers, hope you are listening).
If i think about it, i know i am quite a feminist myself. My favorite movies are invariably those where women have a meaningul role, be it She is the Man or Double Jeopardy or Center Stage or August rush or Sweet November. Have a look at the five movies that i could recall when i started writing this piece, and each of them have a strong female central character. So, i believe when i voice my opinion, i would be representing a large section of the emancipated, educated, middle class female population.
Like the central characted in G.I. Jane, we also look forward to an equal playing field. We dont want any preferential treatment nor do we want any glass ceilings. We have the strength, courage and skills to make our own mark. Give us the space, give us the opportunity, we will make our voices heard.
Politics should strive towards building an India where education and job opportunities are equally provided for women. Work towards changing societal believes, give more representation in party hierarchies to women, improve basic standard of living for mothers and daughters across the country. Give them education, give them the strength to stand on their own feet and that is enough to make them an equal participant in social reforms.
Hope the bill doesnot become a puppet for a few section to play the ring leader, drawing the puppet strings from behind. An equal world, an equal opportunity is an ideal world-- not broken down by any narrow domestic means.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Holi...

Holi is absolutely my favorite festival. I like the way it adds color to life. The enthusiasm, attitude and the effusiveness of this festival add new dimensions to every day living.
I remember the holis of our childhood when the brother and me would be out in the streets, early in the day, armed with pichkaris and pocket full of hues. How we used to get drenched in various shades, going absolutely crazy with happiness celebrating this amazing festival with our friends and family. The late afternoon lazy baths after the ecstatic revelry, followed by a huge spread of yummy non-veg food was something we really looked forward to.
As we grew, from school to college, and then higher education and job postings in different cities, I am fortunate enough to have a close set of friends with whom I have shared fond memories of this festival through out the growing up years. From the week long revelry in the school hostel during my high school days, when each evening for an entire week began with throwing buckets of water on each other to late night mopping off the mess with heavy curtains to avoid punishment, to going out with dholaks and color with an absolutely crazy set of friends in delhi, I have enjoyed it all.
Holi is indeed a festival which aims to wipe off all sorrows and give immense joy to those who celebrate it. It adds the needed zest, spark and color to life. Wish a Happy Holi to all. May the spirit of the festival touch each of your lives and fill it with the colours of happiness.
Happy Holi...where friends become even closer and enemies become friends!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thanks to each of you who have sent me a mail/comment after the post. Your kind words and inspiration will be a source of strength always.
The luxury of wallowing in sadness is definitely not for me and thanks to friends like you I am back in action. As you have all said, 'keeping the faith' is important and my faith in the basic goodness of life thrives as always.
Thanks again and cheers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I did in the last few months...

Those of you who read my blog might be wondering about this extended silence...well, a lot has happened in the last few months and i had to stop and pause for a while. Breaking out of the mould and going public with your woes is not a very done thing, but i have decided to be honest and faithful to my blog..so here it goes. I was pregnant and absolutely ecstatic about it. Life suddenly turned a color which was new and exhilarating. However, happiness was not too last for long. About to begin my second trimester, i miscarried and the world came collapsing. I was devastated and went into a shell and it took me a while to get out of it. Life is not always the way you want it to be and I am finally reconcilled to it. We cannot always get what we want. There are others who have far lesser than us. Therefore, to be content with what we have is the real meaning of life and the way to contenment. Thank god for the wonderful family and friends who stood strong the entire length. Another big change in life is that i have also quit my job during this upheavel. So, i am no longer gainfully employed. The rush of going through the rut of an overworked daily life is no longer there. This gives me a lot of time to do things that i always wanted to do. I have caught up on my reading..classics (D H lawrence, Thomas Hardy) to childhood favorites (P G Wodehouse, Agatha Christie) to New Age reads (Michael Crichton)-- i am dabbling in one and all. Also, i have done some travelling during this time. Went on nature trails and explored the thrills of rapelling, rafting, valley crossing, para-sailling, et all. Had some fun with good food, good company and the sand and the sea in goa (will upload the pictures on facebook for those who are interested). Also, went to this quaint location called murud janjira. The beaches are relatively quite and much cleaner and the air is fresh and pure. If you want to take a relaxing, no frills holiday, highly recommend this place for a short trip. Watching movies, reading, catching up with a few friends...this is how my world goes these days. When the hubby leaves for work, i am in my own make believe world for the greater part of the day. However, i am going to be soon back in circulatiion and hope that an interesting opportunity comes by. Till then, i am going to make the most of this quietude. In an ending note, life throws up its woes, but the virtue of goodness always succeeds. Having miscarried twice, i might not have the joy of giving birth..but i have the world's best parents, a devoted husband and a doting brother to take joy in. I have some wonderful friends and a thrilling life to be happy with. Acceptance is half the battle won and the willingness to make the most of what you have is the other half. Wish the same for all.